Did you ever do something EVIL to your friend?

South Korea
January 20, 2011 4:15am CST
I think I did. Such as taking their stuff, hiding them somewhere and pretend not knowing. It was just SO fun to watch their expression as they tried to find their missing objects. If you were wondering, I'm an EVIL friend. Sometimes nice. Depends.
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@shrijsr (574)
• Bangalore, India
21 Jan 11
Well, usually we play a lot of pranks and tricks on friends and it will last for at the max of a week. Its usually my friends find out themselves or we tell it by ourself! Its all just a part of fun that we have. There's nothing like evil done. Well, its not about me only, i think it will be the same for others too. No person will do anything evil to his/her friend, if you feel by heart that he/she is your friend. Cheers!
• South Korea
23 Jan 11
Cheers to your response! I totally agree with you. You spill the beans in the end.
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• Philippines
20 Jan 11
When my friend got too drunk and passed out on the couch, we put toothpaste on his hands and then scratch a paper on his face. Everytime he scratched his face with his hands filled with toothpaste, we laughed continuously.
• South Korea
20 Jan 11
Nice!!! A true devil is in front of me. All hail frontvisions101!
• India
29 Jan 11
I might made my many friends to cry, by hurting them. I don't know the reasons but for their good i done that.