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January 20, 2011 5:01am CST
How to strengthen the National Economy in the world situation in the state of liquidity difficulties (crisis)? If the situation like now, where we expect the developed world as a potential buyer was not to be expected, while the national economy increasingly overwhelmed the political decision to withhold monetary leakage by raising interest rates to dampen and issued regulations that restrict the purchase of foreign exchange regulations, etc., but rising adverse effects on infestation rates and can increase the burden of debt repayments and borrowing money to weaken the power of purchasing power as well as incriminating bank, while outside the country put pressure on bank interest and help provide the financial injection so as not to disrupt the passage of infestation, although not healthy. we as a nation should help keep this shock! What can we do for the national economy still running well, although somewhat shrunk due to the illness. help the national economy with 1. not pessimistic and still trying to find a way out locally. 2. not issue a negative issue that can aggravate the atmosphere of the national economy resulting in loss of confidence in the strength of the national economy is not normal.
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 11
National resilience of each state can be created if: 1. Clothing, food and community boards are met. 2. People have a job and have equal rights in the attempt. 3. State apparatus is trusted by the community from the executive, legislative yudikatip up. Not a single sentence that makes national defense a country stronger, so did not have one sentence that could undermine national security that has been there. Therefore, the state apparatus of the executive, and legislative yudikatip should consist of is a moral person and expert in his field. Odd attitude does not belong to those who have power and his moral as well as experts in their fields. Odd attitude only in people who have power but he is immoral or not experts in their fields.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 11
Residents who play in the currency most only a million more, not so dominant. Be optimistic, if we can still eat in a situation like this hurt the economy anymore. Indonesia lush timber plant could grow sweet potatoes. Do not be too complicated to think that was the important thing now become a youth pro-active and start working with the standards of the best work you can accomplish. Remember! "Indonesian span from home" seed / seed generation birth ranging from home! improve communication standard cultural origin of scientific communication so to speak. And begin to simplify the consumption culture becomes necessary so that the excess funds can be allocated to help provide capital / counseling people closest to you to start small businesses. The important thing is keep buying domestic production. Okay then in general there are several categories of policies that could raise the national economy, as follows: 1. Return to the rural economy, namely agriculture. overseas because the dollar is still a lot of stock but diminishing food stocks especially not fertile soil like in Indonesia, right? well, make the city synonyms Shop at traditional markets of Indonesia. 2. Build a small business, with the increasing productivity of small communities of people's purchasing power will automatically be increased as well, right. 3. Develop local tourism, such as culinary tourism, local crafts tour anyway yes that makes creative tourism attracts tourists to visit. Sharing information while it exciting tourist and certainly reinforce the national economy and individuals. right? 4. Well sending workers abroad until recently was the largest foreign exchange contribution. right? The most important thing now how do we remain the individuals who are happy to have to think positive and do positive say to ourselves and to others, right. and should not be talk only no action!
• Indonesia
20 Jan 11
Strengthen micro-economic basis, because the more resistant micro-economic crisis. If the state continues to increase taxes, I believe investors even more hesitant to invest in Indonesia because of what? Because they have the right to seek state tax it easily, not even burden them with higher taxes.