Why most of the seafood are expensive?

@alokijon (665)
January 21, 2011 2:18am CST
I found out that most of the time the seafood are more expensive among the other food. I am fan of any seafood especially the crab, prawns and so on. Somehow rather the price really hold me back to order them. In your opinion why they are always the most expensive one?
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• Philippines
21 Jan 11
Well I think the reason why is it's really hard to find quality fresh seafoods. The means of acquiring them require a lot more equipment and expense compared to just simple fishing. Or as compared to meat wherein you just have to grow and feed four legged animals with usually just grass like cows... But I don't know... That's just what I think =)
@puccagirl (7306)
• Israel
21 Jan 11
Yes, I think the biggest issue is that seafood has to be fresh, so you can only serve it for a very limited amount of time... This raises the prices I think...
@bokbok (56)
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
maybe because they are edible and too hard to catch hahha
@marguicha (164389)
• Chile
9 Feb 11
It depends a lot where you live. Where I live, mussels are very unexpensive. When I went to the Atlantic coast in Brasil, I found prawns a lot cheaper than what I pay in my country. I went to Kunayala in January 2009 (Panama) and I was sold a lobster for a dollar. At the seashore near where I live, you can buy some types of crabs for a very low price. We used to have very unexpensive fisg, but big companies have fished the sea until many species are endangered. Now they are expensive and they take out the fish a lot before their prime weight.
@cupcyke (363)
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
Well for me, if a certain seafood is hardly to catch like crabs and shrimps they will probably price it expensive. They are just like as precious as gold.
@knicnax (2233)
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
Seafood is expensive because it's hard to catch them. Salt-water seafood are hard to catch. Fishermen really have to go out to sea to catch them compared to cows, chicken, pigs and freshwater seafood that can be bread in farms and the likes. Lobsters are expensive, because it takes years to have a fully grown lobster. I think it takes a minimum of 6 years. It's also hard to catch lobsters. The price depends on how difficult and/or how much you have to spend in order to catch these animals and transport them to the market. Seafood is way cheaper in sea-side restaurants and markets. There are restaurants here that only charges 250 pesos (roughly 4 dollars) during off peak season and 300 pesos (rouglhy 5 dollars) during peak season for their buffet, which includes a large steamed fish (dunno what kind, maybe a small tuna?), oysters, crabs, shrimps, etc. They have different ways of cooking those. There are raw oysters, there are baked oysters (oysters, mussels, etc. a variety of shellfish), there are steamed crabs/shrimps, some are fried, some are cooked in red-sauce, etc. It's yummy. Remembering how much I ate back then, and how yummy the food is, makes me really hungry!!
@pipayful (32)
• Philippines
21 Jan 11
I think it is hard to get and it is exotic.