What would be the most adorable wedding proposal?

January 21, 2011 8:45pm CST
For two consecutive months, five of my college friends sent me a wedding invitation. I was really surprised to hear that they are about to get married. I asked them how their fiancé proposed. Their stories were quite amusing at the same time romantic. And so, I started to think, how would my wedding proposal go? Any stories about wedding proposals?
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• Mexico
22 Jan 11
Hi Lei110686! Well, I can't think of the most adorable wedding proposal, but I'm gonna tell you about one I saw in a movie! The guy took the bride to be to some place like Macy's and then he got on his knees and all the diamond rings in the jewelery section rose electronically and she got to choose the one she liked. Of course this was a very rich guy, but what I like is that he gave that election for her, because I have friends that have received horrible anti-fashion rings LOL... I love my ring, its made with white gold, simple but elegant, but I always told my significant other to give more importance to the way he was going to propose than the ring.... Well he gave it to me on his birthday, in our favorite cafe, alone in an area that was outside with a guy playing romantic songs with a guitar. I liked it very much! Good luck with yours!