Is your EGO the problem?

January 23, 2011 3:55pm CST
what is ego. i think it is your "identity" who you think you are. The word "I" brings in problems into almost every person`s life maybe with your mother/father/friends/partner/office colleges etc. It is an inaccurate self-image of ourselves that we build in our mind. I personally have faced some problems because of my ego that keeps me a little distant from the people i love or care about or even with the people i meet for the first time. I know i need to work on it. Do you face any such problems?
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• India
2 Mar 11
i face alot of problems due to this 'I' factor..i try to overcome it.. but always be glad if u suggest me some remedies to overcome it.
• India
2 Mar 11
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@mythociate (21457)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
24 Jan 11
I focus on what I can do for others. I am not 'sufficiently mobile' (i.e. no car--which means I can go hardly anywhere in Oklahoma City--and no money for fuel to use it even if I had one!), so 'what I can do for others' is limited to 'what I can do in my neighborhood' (hardly knowing any of my neighbors, living as I do in kind of a 'stopping place'---where people only go out when their headed out of the neighborhood). That's why I like the Internet (and why I HATE the Internet): it makes the world 'my neighborhood,' but--everywhere it takes me--the only thing I'm an expert on is "me"