What will you do if somebody threatens your mom?

January 23, 2011 8:02pm CST
Yesterday, my mom shared that their principal threatened to shot her because of a pity argument between my mom and the principal's mistress. What would be the best step that we should do?
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• Philippines
24 Jan 11
hello there lei! i hope your mom is better in her health at this moment. i would suggest you call to the police station and report your mom's principal of threathening her to be shotted. besides that kind of behaviour that their principal made is already a case that can be filed which is called grave threat. if i would be in your mom's position, she should must feel to be secured because we can never tell what's going on to your mom's principal's mind. or if you can still save also the reputation of the principal, why not talk to him in private and tell him what also he'd cause to your family and whatever what's with their home you are no longer against with him being a cheater. most of all, pray that things will be okay and your mom will continue her life without any fear. :)