After marraige do you wish to have kids?

January 24, 2011 4:15am CST
somebody doesnt like to have child after marraige and some likes to have before marraige.Most many of girls love small kids and they wish to have their own child. What do you think??
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@staria (2780)
• Philippines
25 Feb 11
I never really dreamed of having a baby, but the baby came before our marriage so that leave me w/ no choice at all. But I have to admit, that having kids is truly a life changing experience. They helped me become more matured and see things in a different perspective. The case is different when you have your own kids. They will be your life and focus.
• Philippines
10 Feb 11
well for me if i got marry of course i want to have kids.. for me its part of being a married woman.. for me if a woman don't want to have kids i thin its unfair for your partner if its like that..
@wecindy (22)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 11
I want to have at least 2 kids but 4 kids will be perfect, but till now still no kids. I'll been through a few miscarriages. Hopefully a success pregnancy could bring me at least one.
@dreamnishu (1247)
• China
2 Feb 11
No of course i like to have a child after marriage.i love kids so much.i think without baby no family will be perfect.yes i want to have my own child.i like baby girls so much.i want a sweet girl baby at first.
• United States
10 Feb 11
I waited five years after my marriage to have my daughter then waited another two years to have my son. Although the marriage did not last for the long length we set it out to be, I still feel so blessed to have had my two kids.
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
hi, mostly girls who really like to have baby after marriage, but if that will happen to me, i wish to not yet have first a child and enjoy as what we have with my husband...if that will only happen to me..
@se7enthbird (8307)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
i am married for 8 years now and our son is 5 years old. before we get married we are planning of having kids already. we are truly looking forward with that. but she got a lot of maiscarriages before we hit the jackpot so we decided to have just one child.... for the mean time. my wife is still scared to get pregnant and i understand that. some wish for kids but kids are not all the same, there are sweet kids and there are bratty kids. it all depends on how you are going to raise it. so when you have a child of your own the battle begins.
• Pakistan
24 Jan 11
Having kids is a very good feeling and have many benefits.. Although i don't have any kid but still have good idea.. kids are a support when parents get old and weak.. their caresses and hugs and kisses refreshes your mind..