Help me to feed my dog.

January 24, 2011 5:54am CST
My dog did not eat any food except meat.How to feed it. I've its health checkup but everything is normal.
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@joshvlim (81)
3 Feb 11
Hi, I had this problem tons of time already and yes our dog was also healthy when we had it checked by our vet, after alot of trials and errors we find it very effective that you as the owner of the dog should try to give him/her the best quality food around like for example if you feed it with meat try to give him a good lean part, if in case you are opting to give a dog food, I would suggest that you buy grain free dog foods like Orijen, Go Naturals, Canidae, and alot more dog food brands that had been found to be an effective appetite increaser simply because they love the taste plus the food your giving is simply holistic, grain free and as much as possible as natural as it can be. Next dog sometimes have a tendency not to eat simply because its picky, try to discipline it by giving your dog some ample time to finish it then remove it afterwards by that way you are telling your dog that your in control. Last tip you can also try adding some form of natural and safe for dogs food enhancer like adding a teaspoon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to your dog's food, it has tons of great review's and health benefiting comments from alot of breeders and dog owners, I would atest to its efficacy since we had same problem with our huskyXchow and it work great on him plus we noticed that it gave him a better coat and much more stamina. Try researching on the net on ways how you can help your dog Im sure with just few searches you will be on your way to help your dog to much more better.
@inu1711 (5285)
• Romania
25 Jan 11
Hello xanxeeb and welcome to myLot! If you checked up his health and everything is normal, then he's nothing but spoiled. He doesn't eat anything except meat because he realized you will eventually give him meat if he refuses to eat any other food. Try this: put dog food in his bowl and let it there for 10-15 minutes. If he is hungry enough, he will eat. If he doesn't eat, after the 15 minutes take the food away. At the next mealtime give him the same kind of food. Repeat the 15 minutes rule. If he again refuse the food, don't give up. Take the food away after 15 minutes and don't give him anything else until the next mealtime. Repeat this until he will eventually eat. This should not take you more than 2 days. If he's healthy as you said, when he is hungry enough he will eventually eat any food is given to him. Make sure the others members of the family don't cheat and give him treats between meals, this way you won't come to any good result. Believe me, this method works, I used it with my previous dog, who didn't want to eat regular food, but only meat. After two days she started to eat what I put her in her bowl. I wish you good luck!
@AKRao24 (27492)
• India
24 Jan 11
Dear Xanxeeb I think there is nothing wrong if your dog is just eating meat, as this is their natural diet. Basically dogs belong to the family of canines which are carnivores that is they are meat eaters. I am a Vet and I practiced for the Dogs for about eight years before joining a Stud Farm where now I deal with the Thoroughbreds. Now to understand your problem as a Vet , I would like to know he age of your Dog, then why do you want to change the feed of your dog and if you want to change the feed what are the ingredients you want to add in his ration? If you can give some clue about it then possibly I may be in a position to help you out!Please furnish the details above sought so that we can think some thing for your Dog! By the way which is the breed your it belongs to? Thanks !
@uath13 (8192)
• United States
24 Jan 11
Meat is a dogs natural diet. If you have scraps left over your not going to cook give it to him. Cooked meat isn't as good & you definitly don't want to give him cooked bones ( they become brittle & sharp ). You can also try different brands of dog food to see if he likes one of them. If he doesn't you could try pouring some leftover fat over some. That should get him interested.
@allogra (21)
• Romania
25 Jan 11
hy, if you'll only feed your dog meat , you'll have problems with it later, it must eat something else. try something : is an advice that I received from my puppy's veterinary doctor, he told me to take food from "PURINA" and portion it 500gr in two part, 250gr morning and 250gr in the evening; and put the food in front for 15-20 minutes and if a dog does not eat you take it and try later, maybe after 2 hours. same in the evening. and with a little effort is likely to succeed ..good luck;)..kisses