Why do guys keep some photos of their students?

January 25, 2011 2:43am CST
Yesterday, I caught my boyfriend keeping photos of his former students in his wallet. When asked about it, he explained that he's going to return those I.D. pics once he sees those students. I asked if how sure he is, he started nagging because according to him I'm paranoid. Can he blame me? If you were in my shoes, what would be your initial reaction?
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• Philippines
26 Jan 11
hello there lei! i once been a college professor and there is nothing wrong of keeping any of your boyfriend's former students.you cant blame him if he was got mad of you, its because you thought him negatively of just keeping it in his wallet. you must not feel bad, just be proud of your boyfriend. maybe the problem thats why you had reacted that way its because his not that vocal about it with you. but since you love him, you also must trust him. think of this,when you have been a teacher, you, yourself has been part of them and they also been part of you too. i also has pictures of my student whom i kept. i consider them as my friend and also my children. and im so thankful that i once been a teacher and became of their life. :)
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@aeisle (377)
• Philippines
25 Jan 11
Well, if those pictures were from his female students, I can say that he has some crush on them. I remember my one home room teacher who has a crush on me too when I was still on high school. It's not like I'm bragging or something but she had my library ID and doesn't want to return it to me. She always tease and dare me to take it from her wallet but I don't how she do it because every time I try to pull it, it doesn't come off like it was permanently stored in there and I only have this one chance to do it every day. But I think this kind of crush to student isn't something malicious. Especially she is our home room teacher. Maybe they were just trying to appreciate what they see as something good, nice, or beautiful for them. -)
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@shaggin (70144)
• United States
28 Jan 11
If it was me I would doubt as well if that was his real reasons for having the students pictures in his wallet. He might not see those students for years and then when he sees the students and pulls their pictures out of his wallet that might really freak them out because they will to think why in the world was he carrying my picture around in his wallet all these years. I would be really weirded out if my boyfriend did this.