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January 27, 2011 5:54am CST
How can we achieve more points on yahoo answers? And whats are the reasons that cause in account suspension.
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• United States
9 Feb 11
I do not use yahoo points have seen many on reviews that they too were suspended due to spam links and or repeated answers with no relevance to the questions. As for obtaining more points I would imagine that answering with quality responses and obtaining a great deal of best responses would gain a member yet more.
@josesl16 (60)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 11
To achieve more points, of course you need to answer questions and vote for best answers. Good answers can help it to become the best answer and it earns more points. Also you can get point for visiting/signing in Yahoo!Answers everyday. Answering a question will earn you 2 points. Getting the best answer will earn you 10 points. Voting an answer will earn you 1 point, you need to be level 2 in Yahoo!Answers to do it. This is by far the easiest way to earn points, as you can just search for any kind of tiebreaker question and vote for it. Visiting/Signing Up will earn you 1 point. You can only do this once a day. Did your Yahoo!Answers account got suspended?? If yes, maybe you can refer to the Community Guidelines at or try to contact the admin. Happy MyLotting :).
• Calgary, Alberta
27 Jan 11
answering questions and getting best response will help you get points. Votinng someone to be a best response to your discussion will get you points. Now for reason of suspension. many people got suspended because they were spammers and spammers are nto allowed. other people got suspended because they were trolls, trolling and starting fights can get you suspended but many people who didnt do violations gets suspended because of the "report trolls" The admins of yahoo answers are bots. if you reported a person even if they were not doing violations, the bot mod will suspend that person. most report trolls reports people they were jelous with because those people are top contributors and people they disagree with.