Alternative Medicine

@buli23 (550)
January 27, 2011 8:14am CST
Now a days we can see that the uses of alternative medicine are increasing in our society. There are many alternative way to cure our disease. If we can able to treatment our disease by alternative medicine is not bad. I think alternative medicine is good for our health. Now we can see that uses of acupuncture as alternative medicine uses by different types of people. Uses of alternative medicine is very comfortable for us.
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• Romania
6 Feb 11
Hello! I am a doctor and i use alternative methods to help my patients. Alternative medicine, as it's name says, means any type of treatment that it's not considered allopathic or conventional. It doesn't matter if it's about acupuncture or homeopathy, phytotherapy or bio energy. Each should be applied by someone that had studied it and knows very well what he/she is doing. Otherwise these practices can be dangerous or at least ineffective. Alternative medicine is much cheaper, but it shouldn't be taken light. Patients should know that following the doctor's guidance is as important as in conventional treatments. Otherwise the body loses it's recovery rhythm and both the patient and the doctor's efforts were for nothing. Anyway, alternative medicine has a very bright future, as now it combines science with medical history.
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@yresh12 (3212)
• Philippines
29 Jan 11
I think alternative medicine is the best way in curing some diseases especially cancer. However, I'm confused with what alternative medicine you mean? I usually think of it as herbal medicine! This are medicines that are made from natural ingredients from plants. It is not approved by some doctors but it has proven it's worth since it has cured lots of diseases. Acupuncture is very helpful too as long as you go to the right person to do this job.!