Will & Grace-One of the Best-

January 27, 2011 1:20pm CST
Will and Grace 2nd series(after FRIENDS) I always wanted to watch. Very Hilarious and funny. Its so sad that the Series is over. Man I missed it so much. I hope they have movie of it soon. I love Debra Messing. Please leave your comment!
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@GBTing (14)
• China
25 Apr 11
Dear Mojoblogs : Very grateful for you to make me remind of this show again . You know when I was gloomy ,I can be always revitalized again by encouraged by Jackie's passion and energy . You must read my mind . It is a great show which is teeming with generosity for the minority - the homosexual, and it is also ,as you've said ,very hilarious show because of lots of classic dialogue and design of the playwright .For example , one trademark scene which makes me impressive is that : Karen :YES, honesty is the most basic virtue is this world. (silence and seriousness for three seconds, then guffaw) But I still believe ,it is proper of the show to end in Season 8 and in a happy ending ,becasue the reminiscence is the most valuable thing left. If it goes endless , don't you think it will sate you oneday ? I also totally agree with your idea - a movie is needed . Becasue it's been quite some time since the goodbye serie .We miss Jack ,karen ,grace ,will and rosy very very much .Looking forward to seeing the reunion .It will come some time .
• India
3 May 11
Whoa, I am impressed. Thank you so much for replying my post. You seem very int it. I liked everything you wrote about the show. All I can say is I missed these 4 unforgettable hilarious characters. I like Karen more. LOL Yes looking forward for the reunion!
@watergirl (567)
• Philippines
4 May 11
Awww... I miss Will & Grace too! You see, I used to share the apartment with 2 wonderful gay guys. Will & Grace was our favorite series. If there is a movie, I would be very happy and excited to watch it.