successful living starts with your attitude

United States
January 28, 2011 12:44pm CST
Being "successful" can have a variety of meanings to different people depending on the individual's life goals. The wonderful thing about learning how to be successful is that there are countless references, tips, and strategies out there from people who have dedicated their lives to becoming a success. One reference who I have found to be extremely motivational is Zig Ziglar. Zig is well known for his numerous self-help books focusing on personal growth, leadership, and success. He has changed the lifestyles and attitudes of individuals as well as small businesses around the nation through his motivational words. In short, Zig Zigler has formed his thought process and attitude to see only the positives in any particular situation, as well as taking full advantage of any and all opportunities that come his way. A positive attitude is the first step in becoming successful, and that attitude can lead you to accomplish great things in life. What is your opinion on Zig Zigler's approach toward becoming successful?
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@sender621 (14934)
• United States
7 Feb 11
The attitude you have in life has everything to do with how successful you will become. If you have a negative attitude, how can you possibly achieve success? You have already put a stumbling block in your path. having a positive attitude smooths the way to achieving the success you are after.
@EdnaReyes (2626)
• Philippines
4 Feb 11
I agree with you, in being successful, attitude counts.One can't boost of his achievements unless he got desirable character. Attitude and character is what makes a man. Positive attitude attracts positive thinking, therefore yielding positive results. Nothing can go wrong if one has this positive thoughts. Simple things becomes great when laced with all positive thoughts!
• Philippines
29 Jan 11
hi there friend. first of all, you and Zig were right. in order to become successful, we must first begin our step in our own selves. if not, it could lead to a disaster, or just nothing at all but stuck in your old self. first we must leave behind what we've been through our life that seemed to pull us back instead of moving us forward toward success. what i meant was, to change the negative things in ourselves and learn never to return from it it. it's like a rebirth. then second is learn how to attract things that you wanted like dreaming and perceiving in mind what you want in life. that's the law of attraction. the thing you dream of, or perceived in mind serves as your inspiration that motivates you in continuing to work for it until you get the result. it's something like that. so it really is important to change ourselves, if not, we could fail and easily give up. especially if we do not know how to think of things positively. see you around!
@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
28 Jan 11
I think it makes sense, I have read many books on the topic, and most successful people actually say that their attitude had a lot to do with it. So I believe him!
@riquen (45)
• United States
28 Jan 11
Attitude is everything, and I'm not talking about sports. There is so much you can achiece if you have the rightr attitude. Iv'e personally tried this so I know it's true. Witht he right attitude and will, you can accomplish almost anything.
• United States
28 Jan 11
It seems great. I definitely believe that the energy you put out comes back in the same form. So positive energy being the only energy you let in could increase the likeliness of more positive things coming out of you.