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January 28, 2011 10:13pm CST
You know, I really do get tired of how some game publishers/developers, whatever... will release a game, then about a month later, announce that they will make another game in the franchise. It's just insane to me! The main example that made me think this is, with Modern Warfare, and Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood, they announced their next game in the same series. For assasin's creed, they have announced that the next title will be assasin's Creed: Holy Land. Or these are rumors I've been hearing TOO much. What's your opinion on this?
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• United States
1 Feb 11
From what I've heard, Holy Land is just the name of a book. There isn't enough evidence yet to think the game will have the same name, though I won't be surprised if it does. Either way, as awesome as the series is, I think I'd rather just wait til the official 3rd iteration so the gameplay doesn't get old to me. It's one of my favorite franchises and I'd hate to see it get flushed down the toilet like so many other franchises (Sonic anyone?). As for Modern Warfare, I understand the business aspect, they want to put out as many games as they can and milk the title because as of now it's a mammoth of a franchise and it's fiscally responsible, but ever since the law suit, the Call of Duty games will go downhill. For our sake I hope companies like these two, and others like Madden, decide to slow down and choose quality over quantity.
@lazette (216)
• Philippines
29 Jan 11
That depends on the game and the people hearing about the news. For example, my favorite game series, Namco Bandai's Tales of Series, the more consecutive release of titles, the happier I am. I just love the series so much. Same with Kingdom Hearts and some other games. For others, like Assasin's Creed, I've played them, but I'm a bit indifferent when it comes to any new games the series releases.