Is my friend slowly becoming a psychic?

@dierdre (2207)
January 29, 2011 12:35pm CST
I would like to know your opinion regarding this. Lately she has been seeing very random visions of people and scenarios, (before she only sees words) mostly strangers. That happens very often in a day. Next, i have always noticed that when i tell a story about a friend of mine that she hasn't met or even seen at all, but she sees/imagines a blurry image and when she describes it, it matched how my friend looked like. Or if im about to say something like i was about to gossip something to her and she said the singer's name abruptly, and i said, 'how did you know that she's the one i'm referring to? She said that she just thought about it. And she makes a lot of innocent statements that turn out to be quite true, like a cousin of her friend, she has never met or saw him but casually made a statement that that guy maybe a soccer player from a certain school and she was right again. A lot of incidents like that happens. So is her 3rd eye slowly opening by itself? She can't read minds yet, but she seems to have remote viewing, and her guesses are right on target. Enlighten me with this one. She told me that she wants that ability removed since according to her, it's annoying to see random images when you don't want them. But i was congratulating her, hehe.
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@savypat (20216)
• United States
29 Jan 11
Encourage her to find a teacher, not a scam, but one that is serious about this talent. It can cause her a lot of pain if she doesn't learn how to control this and not let it take over her life. If you can find a place that is doing serious paranormal studies that would be a good place to start. This talent is not easy to live with but it's much better if you have some training. Blessings
@dierdre (2207)
• Philippines
31 Jan 11
Thanks for the tip, i will surely mention this to her
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
17 Feb 11
I think she is and she can stop it just with her will. I've seen someone like this up close, with his will of really not wanting to see those things and speaking up loud, after few months, it was over. His mother did the same thing.
@dierdre (2207)
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
Oh so it's a case of will power and positive thinking to drive away those random images.. I already told what you said to my friend, and she said that she'll try it out. Thanks.