How do we convince ourselves that someone is loving ourselves wholeheartedly?

January 29, 2011 11:42pm CST
Sometimes we do not feel confident when there is someone to love us. Give opinion of how we convince ourselves, that he loves us wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, he had often poured out his heart, while we are still hesitant to accept it.
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@Messyrax (147)
31 Jan 11
first am a man so am gonna answer your question from my point of view as a man. you need to trust him and show that you love him, dont show him an signs of mistrust and if you cant trust him then go talk to him...not a straight question but start by indirect questions then you will know him better and trust him. remember to put the questions in joke form.
• China
30 Jan 11
You can love her or him in some eligible way to confirm that.I think tjat's the best way to convince yourself.
• Indonesia
30 Jan 11
it just feel that maybe there is no doubt. Try to feel yourself to fall in love wtih all my heart ans sincere. if in the liver are still in doubt, your partner and you will regret is the same because you haven't tried to live a relationship with your partner.
@mark98 (567)
• China
30 Jan 11
I think we do not need to convince ourself. We should,through our own experience to judge whether a person loves us. Only that person to give us enough love on the line,do not have to all of his/her love.
@raj7shot (838)
• India
30 Jan 11
There is nothing to swallow. Tell her frankly that i had fall love in you.She will definitely accept you.Don't keep inside you this then it will make you pain a lot and confuse you.Let you decide to get a stop for that.Everything will end in success.Be cool and confident in you way.Think always positive, she will not hesitate to accept you love. Wish you all success..