IMBOLC what are your plans

January 30, 2011 4:37am CST
I'm a solo practitioner so i will just be doing a small Candle Ritual i wish i could join a coven but i live in a small town and not many people here if any are wiccan or if they are they are not open about it so i thought i might see what others plan to do on the fire festival
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• United States
5 Feb 11
I have kids so a lot of the time we'll do things like make our own cheese, roll a wick into a sheet of wax (gotten from craft store) to make a simple candle, or even make butter using a blender and heavy cream. My kids like tossing in different herbs and such too. You can also try your hand at making a brigids cross too but I'm terrible at stuff like that so haven't really done very well with them before.
• Canada
6 Feb 11
that sounds quite enjoyable i hope you and you children had a good time i have never been that good at making stuff my self but i might try some of that next time but i dont think it will be the same me doing it and you doing it with you kids there tends to be more excitement in the air with children around witch can be good and bad
• Italy
30 Jan 11
I'm a solitary pagan, but I don't wish I was in a coven, I really like to not have to put up with a coven but just do what I like. I'll make some sabbath related food, probabily bake something and eat it in the circle after the candle ritual. I wish it will not be too wet or too cold so I will be able to celebrate outside, that'd be great. I'm so ready for the light festival I can't wait. :)
• Canada
31 Jan 11
Sounds like your going to have a good time i hope the weather cooperates with you and i think the reasoning behind me wanting a coven is that in human nature we want what we cant have its unforchant and necessary for some i am almost certain i will have to have ming in doors because of the rain here but i hope it will clear up for Imbolc oh and the food is one of my favorite things to prepare