Will soccer become a mainstream sport in the USA soon?

@Rostow (59)
January 31, 2011 10:46am CST
I recently heard that Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the USA and this led me to wonder about whether the USA, which has many of its own sports which its citizens are very proud of justifiably, would ever allow soccer to become a mainstream sport in the USA. Would the USA being world class at soccer help the sport improve?
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@sjlskl (3382)
• Singapore
5 Feb 11
It is unlikely that soccer will become the mainstream sports in USA anything soon. NBA and NFL have a longer history and unless USA win the World Cup, the sports will just play "third fiddle".
@ram_cv (16513)
• India
1 Feb 11
I am currently traveling through US and I see a lot more interest now in soccer compared to my previous visit which was in 2007. So definitely interest in soccer is growing. Also I see a lot of development at the grass-root level with schools and colleges starting to take to the game. So yes I do see soccer becoming a mainstream sport shortly in USA. Cheers! Ram
• Guatemala
31 Jan 11
For the level of USA soccer to grow it needs to be very popular in the country. And I do not think the USA soccer is very popular in a short time, because there are many sports in the USA that are very important. I am sorry for people who like football in the USA they must wait long to see a time competitive enough to reach the final......
@stevieboi19 (1419)
31 Jan 11
It's hard to ever know if something will become a success in the future nothing is certain and while the sport itself may grow I doubt it will surpass the other American sports currently dominating the US's sporting world.
• United States
31 Jan 11
I believe soccer will become a success in the USA but I think it will take a while. The better and better we do in the world cup the more ppl who will watch soccer. I think the day that the US wins the world cup will be the day that soccer is a big sport in the USA