SUGGESTIONS on spending 2011 Valentine's Uniquely, adventurously, fun, AWESOME?!

sky diving - Couple on Valentine's date- skydiving
January 31, 2011 5:01pm CST
Dear Mylot friends and users, Valentine's is coming closer for the year 2011 and once again the streets are filled with flowers, chocolates, romantic music and cards. I know this is a wonderful tradition but let's face it!! Even these things being given annually gets OLD and boring. I am ASKING suggestions, possibly out of your whims, experiences , or creative ideas on how to spend Valentine's day differently. Feel free to express and comment! I want to know the Wackiest, fun, crazy, or unusual ideas that will make this Valentine's day something to remember for life! To get you started, here are "IDEAS" I found. 1. The couple spent their previous valentine's skydiving 2. A special Valentine's day car was rented for their date. 3. Okay, this is the weirdest that i have seen posted "the poop a loo for 2" toilet. This idea seems pretty funny to me and rather uhhh disturbing and unusual but hey, I don't make things up, I'm just trying to gather ideas and post em Still, dear my loters please DO give me suggestions. I would love to come up with something special this year!! THank you
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