do you care about your PC?

January 31, 2011 9:09pm CST
i have allowed my sisters to use my desktop PC and bring it at home. it's been a year with them and there was one time when i inspected it and look on how they care it, i was shocked. the dust have gotten thick that i need to moisten the rag so i can get all of them. Well, I asked this because I could not believe how some computer users can manage to work on a dirty computer. Cleaning the computer before using it is not only good for the computer but for the user as well. to my dismay i got it back and never allow them to use it again. what's your side on this?
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• Philippines
10 Feb 11
I care about my PC, but I also let others use it if they really need to use a PC. But I won't let anyone borrow my PC and take it to their home because the PC might get broken.
@_sketch_ (5742)
• United States
1 Feb 11
I love my pc and I don't let a lot of people use it. And when they do, it's pretty supervised. lol. I am very protective over it. I can definitely understand how you feel.
@simonelee (2715)
• China
1 Feb 11
Hello there! Yes i do. actually don't allow anyone to use my unit since i store personal info on it and it's not my habit to logout. So i prefer not anyone to use it. I used to let my family use it but since i saw them how they mishandle it and cause a damage on my unit i decided not to allow them to use it again. I was so disappointed that they didn't take care of it. After using my unit i make sure that no grease left on keys or in cover(laptops harbors dirt easily).
@yresh12 (3212)
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
I don't have a laptop yet and my desktop is shared to all. This is where I do most of my work and chillax when I have free time. All the members get to use my desktop anytime they want. I am dismayed at time when there are a lot of things put in front of my monitor. It is very disappointing that what you value most may not be important for them. I always remind them that and hopefully they would feel how I feel when they are doing this.