highschool never ends

February 1, 2011 12:12am CST
Have ever heard of the song "high school never ends" by Bowling for Soup. Well based from the lyrics of this song and from my elder peers, once you've graduated high-school or college and what you are right now will change after you've established your life, have kids or the like. By the time there's a reunion of your batch, either college or high-school, your classmates or friends aren't the same they were back then. Some from a total hottie to a total nottie, from nerd to big boss, from bullies to well the other way around. So could you tell you're opinion about this and is it true that if not you, your high-school or college peers change after time passes by.
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• India
1 Feb 11
Dear i appreciate with your views. We can never ever forget our school mates. Specially of the 10-12th standard. I have lost my one friend the day before yesterday and still i am missing him a lot.. Friendship never ends Thanks
1 Feb 11
My apology and no matter how time passes by, friendship will never end. I truly appreciate your reaction about the topic and no matter what happens, always stay strong.
• Philippines
1 Feb 11
And how I wish it will happen in reality.. High school life was full of experiences.. Fun, tears, group of friends, NEW/FIRST love...
1 Feb 11
Yeah....I know what you mean ^_^