THIS is the car of my dreams!

February 1, 2011 9:40am CST
have you ever experienced that sensation that makes you think that in this world there's one car only right for you? Well, it's happened to me. I've literally felt in love with the BMW M6 Cabrio and I just can't help my self! I know it's expensive but i want it desperately! Maybe one day I'll buy one...LOL What's the car of your dream? Are you like me, do you want THAT specific car?
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• Philippines
1 Feb 11
i like bmw x5 and prosche.. that two car was my dream to have one and drive it anywhere i want..
• Italy
1 Feb 11
wow, bmw x5 is a very nice car but i'm tiny and it's huge for me! lol just like you I also like porsches but they have the defect that the majority of them have only 2 seats :/
@sacmom (14192)
• United States
6 Apr 11
My dream car is a BMW as well...the 3 series. For some reason I've always liked them the best. Happy mylotting!
• India
1 Feb 11
The X6 from BMW and the huge Hummer H2 are my favourite and i fell they are the ones for me The X6 looks so cool and the H2 has the bulky and huge look its so nice to be in it.
@Rostow (59)
8 Mar 11
I don't have a specific BMW that I really want. But I know I definately want one as my second car..hopefully sooner rather than later but we will see.
• Bulgaria
4 Feb 11
"Bayerishe Motors Werke" is a good car but if you want to have it,you should have enough money to repair it ...this car is expensive thrust me ...My dream car is maybe Mercedes Benz because as you maybe know Mercedes Benz was first by the Air Bags,by the Start Engine Button,Traction they are pioneer but the bad thing is that the best Mercedes models were built between 1985-1997.The new models (it is about all of the new cars built between 2003-20/...) are made to crash fast and than to buy a new one.It is logical but to repair a Mercedes Benz it is too first car was Mercedes Benz C250 and I can say that it rides good so it is comfortable because of the enough space in the car it is luxury but BMW has more power than the Mercedes so propbably my next car will be Bmw.Bow that you like BMW.