What is Medical Transcription?

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September 2, 2006 12:34am CST
Any thing you know About medical transciption,that can help people?
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20 Jan 07
Medical Transcription is the job where trained medical transcribers work on the audio files provided by the doctors, and type them into a text format. This takes high medical terminology skills and also one should be able to get all grammer done properly.
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25 Dec 06
Medical transcription is the typing of documents from dictated recordings. When a patient visits a doctor, the doctor spends time with the patient discussing his medical problems, including past problems, his social history, and his family history. The doctor may do a physical examination, conduct various laboratory or diagnostic studies, make a diagnosis, and then decides on a plan of treatment and discusses it with the patient. The doctor uses a voice-recording device to record the information about the interaction with the patient. This information is then sent to a medical transcriptionist and received as a voice file, who then listens to the voice file and transcribes it into the required format to make a medical record, which is then forwarded to the dictator for review and signature. These documents then become a part of a patient's permanent medical record. It is important to have a properly written, edited, and reviewed medical transcription document. If a medical transcriptionist accidentally typed a wrong medication or wrong diagnosis, the patient's life would be put at risk if the doctor did not review the document for its consistency. Both the doctor and the medical transcriptionist play an important role to make sure the transcribed dictation is correct and accurate.
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19 Dec 06
Medical transcription is a job that is done by transcriptionists. The purpose of this job is to ensure insurance claim for the patients in the hospitals usually in the UK and the US. The doctors or their assistants dictate the full case summary of the patient through a dicta phone and this is send through internet and this is heard using a software and is keyed in by transcriptionists. To do this job trainining should be attended for american english, medical terminologies, and americanism.
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25 Oct 06
"Medical Transcription is the job of helping a doctor maintain the details of his interaction with a patient by converting it into a medical record by transcribing the doctor's dictations."