Maintenance of your musical instruments.

February 1, 2011 9:35pm CST
To all musicians out there in Mylot,what type of musical instrument(s) do you possess? And how do you maintain the instrument(s)? Like me,I'm a bassist and I have an electric jazz bass.When I first bought the bass,I thought that music is something that merely played.But I was wrong.As time flies by,my bass started to sound cranky and horrible.Then I knew something was wrong.The maintenance of course.I took the very first step,examining the bass.I took lessons from stage technicians which are very expert in handling musical instruments.For instruments with strings,nothing is much more important than the strings themselves.As for my bass,I cleaned up the strings with 70% alcohol after each time I play with it in order to maintain that steely sound.So,musicians out there,especially bassists,tell me what you think.
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@JayRez (33)
2 Feb 11
I am a usic producer and I mostly just keep my workstation clean, laptop and all equipment nice and tidy. Make sure my microphone is handled properly. etc. Although I am really new to this so I do not have much else to add.
• Malaysia
7 Feb 11
Whoa,a clean workstation really sparks the music ideas.I got few friends who produce music as well,and they don't really care about their workstation.A messy one could imply that the music is also gonna be messy.
• Malaysia
10 Feb 11
I used to play the guitar years ago but now I just play it once a while. I just loose the strings a bit if I don't play it or if I been away in a week or two. It's just to keep the fret in tune and the strings last longer than keeping the tension of the strings.
@stanley777 (9402)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
I thin it is very important for musicians to really cherish and take care of their instruments. Although, I am not a full-time musician, just a hobby or past time for me...I own a guitar. And I clean or wipe it sometimes and keep it covered.
• United States
2 Feb 11
YO! I been playin the trumpet for 5 years now. I wipe it down before and after use with a rag I carry around in its case. This is just my thing, I have semi greasy hands and I tend to sweat from my hands whenever I play. I play with a semi pro band and we play under a lot of light, so sweating is normal for all of us. ;P Greasing my valves and slides keeps it sounding in tune and ready to play where ever I am. Its pretty easy for me now that I have so much experience with it. ;P
• United States
6 Feb 11
Hey I have an impact series 1 peavey electric guitar. Great sounding for jazz/blues which I coincidentally love to play. I replace the strings every three or so months and do a total wipedown/dust of the entire fretboard and really get in all the crevices to thoroughly clean it. Other than that, I dust underneath the strings, on the strings, and around the pickups about once a week.