Why we have a debt?

@gengeni (3308)
February 2, 2011 5:24am CST
Why we have a debt, when we begin to make debt and why we can not pay off debt? Very confusing, we are a very rich country agricultural produce and what is our beloved country but instead got a lot, and ironically, we have a debt to countries that do not have adequate crops.
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• Indonesia
2 Feb 11
Debt happen because we are not able to meet the needs, we are not able to meet the needs because we are stupid, stupid because we can not afford the cost of education, can not afford the cost of education because it is hard to get a decent paying job, it is difficult to get a decent paying job because low education, low education was not able to pay very high tuition fees ff ff ff ff ff ff ff, This is why we owe the chain and will always be indebted if we can not break the chain of vicious circle.
@domenyag (1273)
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
I agree with what you've said. But debt should not stop us working hard. In order to pay even if we are always having debt.
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• Indonesia
23 Feb 11
yup u're right
• Indonesia
18 Feb 11
Indonesia began to owe since the Suharto government. He called the father of development because development is increasing dramatically in many areas, but the actual money which they use when it is borrowing from abroad. In addition, the time devastated Indonesia, for example, the Tsunami in Aceh, many people borrowed money to help disaster victims in Aceh.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
17 Feb 11
Since independence has begun to debt. Results utangan ga used properly, many leaks are used in a non-productive, it must be increasingly bloated debt and not be able to pay off. Want to pay off debt? We must reset our debt, reset our productivity, make the results of our work rather than just enough to pay civil servants and development investment, but must be no more to pay debt. Last but not least, must eradicate corruption and luxury among the official circles and in society itself.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
Interesting. I am not an expert in global economics. I can only imagine that as an agreement between the countries, there seems to be certain conditions that countries accept for being a member of certain alliances of countries. For instance, there seems to be trade agreements wherein quotas of imports and exports between countries have to be served. Perhaps in the financial sense, there are also certain agreements between countries that require that a country "lend" some money for a certain interest rate; while there are also certain agreements that require countries to (perhaps) borrow money at a certain interest rate. Perhaps the reports for a country e.g. Indonesia, may only emphasize debts in favor of foreign banks or organizations. But there seems to also be separate report that highlights collectibles of e.g. Indonesia (private and public sector) from foreign entities or organizations. Perhaps the net of payables and collectibles is not publicly disclosed. What do you think ?