How do you pass Mario Party 5??

United States
February 2, 2011 8:40pm CST
I've been able to pass every other Mario Party that I've had (from 4 to 7) and I just can't pass this! Is there some kind of trick I'm not getting? I've tried looking it up, and I can't seem to do what the websites do... it's driving me crazy. Advice please?
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• United States
4 Feb 11
Hey, don't worry. Most games are not easy to master on your first try. The purpose of Mario Party 5 is to have fun, so enjoy the game. Don't worry about losing, don't worry about the competition, don't worry about anything. Of course, the competition is meant to add to the fun. Playing with friends makes it more fun. Play to have fun, because that's the reason why you're playing. Don't be too serious. When you play, mainly focus on the mini-games. The mini-games are the key points of the game. If you control the wealth and items, you control most of the game, especially if you keep all the stars!