What should i do!?

February 7, 2011 4:34am CST
I've been working in a family business since i started to work! Now im getting MAD every single day... and the bad part is, i cant find another good job! :( WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?
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@chillpill90 (1937)
7 Feb 11
If I were you I would stay with the job for now as at least your making some money, just bear and grin it. Or you could talk to someone about the problems and try to solve them, if you left your job you would not have a income and this would be a problem as you would not know how long you would be going til you get a new job.
• Brazil
7 Feb 11
Thanks a lot... Im looking for a new job, but its a kinda hard to find! and i need to be here, because i have some plan to study in Europe next year, so I need money! :( Thanks for answer! :P
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7 Feb 11
I know it is hard to find a new job as I am looking for one that is why its the best thing to just stay in a job at the moment if you have one.
7 Feb 11
Getting mad is bad for your health. Been there done that. I know that positive thinking in such a situation is really difficult but you need to try. Count your blessings and try to reassess. What is making you mad? Can you do anything about it? Avoid that part of the situation or the person as much as possible. Try to do the things there that you do like. Lots of people have jobs that they do not enjoy but more are in a bad situation because they dont have a job or even enough food or water. I am not trying to put you down or belittle your problem just asking you to try and change your mindset and things might not seem so bad after all. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip abroad.
@murtuza52 (138)
• India
7 Feb 11
Rather than looking for a new job,you should be asking yourself the reason you get mad so frequently,or try to reason with the elments or situations that get you mad. Leaving family business for your temper is no good reason. You could definately get a good job,if you got the capability and opportunity,but if you start loosing your temper there,then what???
@beamer88 (4266)
• Philippines
7 Feb 11
I read your comment that you're planning to go to Europe. So, I guess the prudent thing to do right now is continue to work in your family business until you have saved enough money. You could also look for part-time jobs or sign up for money making sites so you could supplement your current income.
@CTHanum (8250)
• Malaysia
7 Feb 11
hi there! Why are you getting mad to your current job?Isn't family business is okay??What kind of business your family run?I think you should not have any problem finding other job as you are already have an experience.