have you ever googled yourself?

@eliezl (763)
February 8, 2011 11:48pm CST
wow its been a year since i last logged on here.. things have been busy and it is just now that i got bored, googled myself and voila! i found my link in mylot..lolz..so ive neglected this for a long time and am guilty for not having replied to some of my posts...and its not even helping matters that my earnings is.....nadah! INACTIVITY..hehehe so tell me have you ever googled yourself? this question really reminds me how powerful the net is..i've just found some links that i've posted in my old blogs and you know that includes posts that i regret...especially here..HERE posts that we can't delete anymore unlike any blogs but this isn't some site..heheheh ...but the damage is done....all i can do is read and let things just be..LEARN FROM IT.. how about you..have you ever googled yourself? what are your reactions? :D
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@nainesh1 (1656)
• India
9 Feb 11
I have done it and I can find a number of links with my username as I am very much active online earner. Sometime I fear that this can result in threat on my personal details as I am using my original name.
@eliezl (763)
• Philippines
9 Feb 11
whoa, you gotta be careful. putting ur real name and whole details online are targets of identity thieves..you know there are lots of issues regarding privacy on the net. so we gotta be careful. anyone's bound to use it to our advantage.. thanks for the reply by the way ;-)