suspicious activity?

February 9, 2011 3:57pm CST
okay so i just learn from a mylotter friend that you can actually earn by using MyLot Search which is very much of an advantage for me because every now and then i would do transcription and editing and most of the time i do a lot of resourcing. so after learning this, i thought of using MyLot instead of Google when doing resourcing and navigating the Internet.. fortunately, i got an 18-cent reward which was kind of surprising because i am such a slow poke in making money here in mylot by doing discussions. and so i thought this would boost my earnings here since it is not always that i have a topic to discuss in mind. what struck was when i kept on resourcing using MyLot search, a message popped up which said "...detected suspicious activity... try using search later?" and then after than i could not search anymore. so my question is this, is there a limited amount of words/time when to use MyLot search? i am not just resourcing for the sake of using the MyLot search, i was using it for a "real" reason - to search and resource like one uses a search engine like Google. if a message would pop up like "suspicious activity detected," would it be that we are only allowed a specific number of searches in MyLot? i hope the admin won't block my user if i continue using MyLot search because when i am doing transcription it would really mean using it fairly frequently. happy mylotting!
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