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United States
February 11, 2011 8:59am CST
It seems like my boyfriend and i bicker constantly lately. Over any and everything. How do you keep the peace in your relationship? How do you help eachother see things from the others point of view? How do you know when to change or when to stand your ground?
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@kheydia (882)
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
Fighting is a tool of the devil so that we will be hurt and feel hatred in our hearts and not love. I' am almost 2 years married to my husband and we never had a serious fight or argue since, maybe it's because we talk about it on what to do before we got married, honestly, i sometimes got angry with him because of course he is not perfect he has weaknesses, and every time i feel angry with him i will just take a deep breath and think about it my reason why and what should i do, somtimes i just keep quiet and i will not talk to him and if that happens he already knows that i'm angry, so after a while he will talk to me and ask what happen, and he will listen and vice versa, because i am thinking as well that i am not perfect and i do have weaknesses as well, i'm just glad to have a husband like that who understand me and has a listening ear... Maybe for you, you start also to listen, listen with your heart whenever he wants to say something to you and try to understand him don't nag easily and be patient and be ready to accept fault when you realize you have, and then after he is done talking, then you talk and try to explain to him about your feelings and ideas in a gentle way and not in a harsh way or shout, maybe that would help...
• India
11 Feb 11
Fights are just a part of love. If you just cut your Ego problem and be the first to apologize then everything will go smooth. I always used to accept that I was at fault and I used to tell her that Anything for you ma'am and would accept all the things and she would just start laughing. But I guess all fight's cannot be solved.