Today is my cleaning time...

February 11, 2011 2:52pm CST
Every day, I didn't clean our house because we are busy with out works and today, it is our time to clean our house because it is weekends and no work. We need to have time for it. How about you? Did you clean your house or you let the housemaids do it?
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@Anne18 (11029)
28 Sep 11
I clean my own house. I have set times when I clean my house and I do treat it like cleaning someone else's house timewise. I clean for a cleaning so I have time slots for the people I clean for so I just slip mine in as well around cleaning everyone else's house. Sad thing is I don't get paid for cleaning my own house
@cream97 (29087)
• United States
7 Mar 11
Hi. careguarden. I clean my house without a housemaid. My husband may clean up too when he is home. He works mostly during the day time, so I usually do the cleaning and what not. I don't think that I would want a housemaid to clean up my house. They might not clean it up like I would. I trust my own cleaning and not the cleaning of others. I have been like this for a very long time now.
@mermaidivy (15395)
• United States
11 Feb 11
I clean our house regularly. I don't go to work so cleaning the house and taking care of our son is what I do. I do laundry 2 -3 times a week; I vacuum 2 times a week, dust every once in a while... I am the housemaid!
• United States
11 Feb 11
During the week i try and get some laundry done but this week i ws to tired during the week to get any of it even done so im doing that tonight and then saturday night i will try and get the cleaning done because tommorrow during the day i will be busy doing things i have been wanting to get done for a while now. I will be dusting and cleaning the bathrooms hopefully saturday night and get it done before my parents arrive back on sunday. I would like all the laundry to be done as well and get all of it done for them so they wont have alot to do when they get back.
@rosegardens (3034)
• United States
12 Feb 11
I cannot afford to have someone clean my house for me. Believe me, if I could I would! I have to do it myself.
@gloryacam (5540)
• Philippines
12 Feb 11
I need to clean the house today, too. It's been a busy week so I wasn't able find time to clean. I don't have a help, so I need to do the cleaning myself! Ah, but after myLot. Yes, a few hours with myLot and then I'm going to clean up.