How do you make money with ad publishing websites?

February 12, 2011 12:14pm CST
Well as we all know ad publishing websites allow you to earn money by publishing third party ads on our website and paying a part of the money they get from the advertisers. Google adsense is by the most trustable program. We can publish google ad codes on our websites or blogs. In addition to that sites like bukisa, triond also allow their users to earn by publishing the google ad code on our account. But so far i havent been much successful with adsense program. I hardly make few cents with decent traffic. I have tried all SEO techniques, back link programs. But my earnings still remain low. What should i do to earn more with adsense? Is there any scheme where i can earn good with my adsense? Thank you.
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• India
13 Feb 11
I suggest you to post the link of your site to social networks. Also bring those content which are in demand. Moreover try traffic exchange sites.