Can I sell ebook on ebay?

@Marmot (590)
United States
February 12, 2011 2:11pm CST
I am wondering if I can sell some ebooks on ebay. I searched some ebooks lists and found that all the seller seem to have an authority. But of course I don't have that. I have saw a discussion here that talking about selling ebooks on ebay and I just can not find it... Have you sell ebooks nn ebay? How does it work?
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@dainy1313 (2370)
• Leon, Mexico
12 Feb 11
Hello Marmot! Three years ago you could sell ebooks and just send the buyer (after payed, hehe of course) a download link, at that was all. But policies have changed. Now you cann´t just send by mail a download link. You must send also a CD with the file of the book. This make the books tangible goods. And I know that some powersellers use the low price of the books as a way to make traffic for their eshop and sell more expensive tangible goods. Or just to sell more expensive "gurunet" books. I done this at my country. I´ve use them as traffic makers to sell other tangible goods. Blessings, and "bonn courage"... Dainy
@dainy1313 (2370)
• Leon, Mexico
12 Feb 11
(I´ve done it at my country) correct sentece, ups! ... Blessings... Dainy
@gluv1627 (45)
• Philippines
22 Jul 11
yes, i think so. i bought an ebook before in ebay for P15!
@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
12 Feb 11
As a rule, 'digitally delivered goods' are prohibited on eBay. Read this page: very carefully. In particular, you MUST have the right to sell the items. It is up to you to make sure that you do. The items MUST be delivered on physical media by post or other carrier. You CANNOT deliver them by download. You must also read this page:
@few00cent (2183)
• India
13 Feb 11
now as per ebay changed terms you have to sell the ebook in hard copy like floopy disk or compact disc.if ebook is copyright protected or if author report the ebay about illegal sell..ebay will drag it down.
@Sanitary (3968)
• Singapore
16 Feb 11
U can sell anything u want on ebay as long as u are not doing anything illegal in there. There's an infringement of rights on most things, and if u want to sell anything that u don't want anymore, u have to state that "it's used", and price wise should not be more expensive than what's selling out in stores. Unless u are the writer of that book, only then u need not worry about any infringements.