Trouble falling sleep..Sleepless?

February 13, 2011 1:47am CST
Rest is important part of life's rhythm. But most people cannot sleep at least 8 hours at night because of work. They were too busy right? Share..
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• Pakistan
14 Feb 11
Yeah....sleeplessness is a really big problem.What with school and everything.Plus all the good movies come on at night at night its the best time to study cause the whole house is quite and you can actually concentrate so especially during the exams I don't sleep at night.Its a really bad habit but its really hard to get out of as well....But I'm working on it
• Philippines
14 Feb 11
Hello somniator..Yeah, but some people can't sleep because of the busy schedules, bolstered by strong coffee, cut into the hours needed to sleep. Many people occasionally have trouble falling sleep with the three common reasons which is the emotional stress, caffeine and lack of exercise. And fortunately, this can be controlled. Self control. Well, thanks for sharing your comments with us and have a nice day ahead. godbless
@dainy1313 (2370)
• Leon, Mexico
15 Feb 11
Hello careguarden, I´m too busy, and I need to calm me down to have a good rest. I am sportive so it is like "valium" that makes me sleep well. Other days I take a very hot shower by 7 pm, this make me go to bed like a baby. If I wake at midnight I drink a very hot chocolate and pray the rosary... hehe. That´s the way I can sleep fine... =) Blessings!... Dainy