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February 14, 2011 3:45am CST
I am the kind of person that looks for an opportunity and when I find one that seems not only profitable but achievable and interesting, I really tend to jump on board. Although my time here on MyLot has been off and on that is more to do with personal life than anything else. I have been a member for a bit, mildly active I would say although I tend to look at a lot more than I actually post. As much fun as is it to have a community that is thriving with tons and tons of people from many backgrounds and thus many ways of looking at a problem or question, most if not all of us are here to make a little extra money. No matter if it is to cash out in every month based on our own work, or to make a dollar or two every couple of weeks, or those who have really dove into the system and get well over enough to cashout every single month through referrals and an in depth knowledge of the system. I fall a little in between a couple of those kinds of people as I like to maximize an opportunity without taking away its fun aspect if there is one, which here there certainly is. Well after all of this bantering I was curious if some of you long timers (vets) would care to step up and lend a helping hand to the entire community. From what I can see the program that they have here is one that will work even if every little secret were to get out to every single person and they put them to use at their fullest potential so I see no reason not to spread the wealth of knowledge rather than let it be lost in the vast amounts of information found here. I think if everyone was to work together to increase the amount going to the consumers that would be that the amount going to MyLot itself would also increase, plus happy consumers talk and that could in turn play a part and so on and so on. So simply, what through your experience has show you the best of the best when it comes to returns on your time invested? Things like searching...does it really make that big of a difference? Other things that you believe effect the amount you earn. Any other tips. I understand that the posting of quality discussions and responses are probably the biggest part of the tips but anything else I think would be very helpful and quite interesting. thanks Vets.
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@mysdianait (66009)
• Italy
14 Feb 11
The biggest tip is to read the FAQs and understand that myLot is not for posting questions and answers but for discussing. We do not earn anything for just posting a topic unless we go back and comment on the responses that it receives. We do not earn for those responses. Those who posted them will earn for them and it is up to the discussion starter to comment and further the topic, turning it into a discussion if they wish to earn from it. The rewards for using the search are added bonuses which help boost earnings. I am perfectly happy with them but I can't speak for everyone obviously. You can use the search to find discussions with tips concerning myLot which many of us have already started with the intent of sharing what we do to get the best out of myLot. You might receive a reward too while doing so.
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14 Feb 11
I had searched before I did this but perhaps I was using the wrong keywords. I read the FAQs and had a feeling it was more like that. I have a the predisposition of thinking of some of the most off the wall ideas of any one I know, its the main reason I post on here, to see what others feel about it and get little insights that I might not have thought about. I guess I will try and search again and see what I can stumble upon, aside from that guess I will continue to post my off the wall ideas and see what sparks some interest. Thanks.
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14 Feb 11
Just be friendly to fellow mylotters except to those that disses you. I'm not saying if someone disagrees with your idea you have to be rude to them. I'm saying you should stand with your opinion and separate the person from his opinion.