My Vday Ended in Disappointment!

@toniganzon (59698)
February 14, 2011 8:37am CST
Today I woke up early because it's a special day of love. I went to meet my son and husband for lunch and we all ate together. My son gave me a cute stuffed animal and of course it came from my husband's pocket! I bought a new prescriptive contact lenses and bought my husband a Jupiter Oakley which he has been begging me for months. I wanted to have a beautiful Vday with a good dinner and wine with my husband but we cannot go to our favorite restaurant because I have to work from 8pm until 11pm, so we decided to buy take out. His two brothers invited themselves to join us so my husband and I bought red wine and cake for dessert while they volunteered to buy the food for dinner since the restaurant was close at that time and my son was very tired so we had to go home. Now at 5pm, my husband called his younger brother that they must be home at exactly 6:30 since I have a class at 8. At 7 my husband called him again but he hasn't left home yet and still making pizza! Omg! And my class starts at 8! So how am i gonna eat dinner then since I have a class from 8 to 11pm? My Valentine's day was ruined by someone who is so irresponsible.
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@thesids (22220)
• Bhubaneswar, India
14 Feb 11
Oh dear... But hey, wait... Where is it mentioned that you cannot celebrate at home after 11:00pm? I am cooking tonight and I know for sure my dinner is not going to be served or even ready to be served before 11:30 pm Reason: I have work to complete and it will not be before 9:30 pm that I am done for the day, then I would start preparing and do the cooking... Not going to be anytime before 11:00 pm here... and then it would not be served straight away... once the cooking is done, I would switch on the KennyG that I have on the PC and set up the "dining table" - it is a trolley in the drawing room that we have, not a table. so it would be some more time... I am sure, your Valentine Day would go good and end good too... Just be in the mood... a few hours more... please....
@toniganzon (59698)
• Philippines
15 Feb 11
Thanks friend for trying to cheer me up, but then 11pm is my sleeping time already and i had to wake up the next day very early for my class. Anyway, after my class last night, me and my husband just went to bed because we were too exhausted. I was just too disappointed that my day didn't go as planned.
14 Feb 11
oh, that is so sad. Some people do not take the time to realise how their actions affect others. It is good that you could share it with us at Mylot to relieve your stress. I hope your day at work went ok and you managed to get something to eat eventually. Perhaps you can have a special day tomorrow instead.