Myallfriends . com SCAM!!!!

South Africa
February 17, 2011 8:22am CST
The social site Myallfriends .com has gone and SCAMMED everyone with the excuse that everyone is now vip, everyones account is back to zero no matter how much you had in there, I cost nothing to make everyone vip so its not justified, i think a lot of people will now leave that site and probably come here.
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• Italy
17 Feb 11
allow me to correct you, my friend: it cost nothing to make everyone vip UNLESS the owners wnat to keep all the profits for them! I wouldn't mind people to leave scam (or simply unfair sites) to join in here :)
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• South Africa
17 Feb 11
The admin there tried telling me that it costs $10 a person to make them vip I dont know who he thought he was kidding. Sheesh I hate getting scammed and I told him so which didnt go down well cos it was on the main board.
@manleyjoe (1599)
• United States
17 Feb 11
Greenbunny I'm with you on that, I would like to see more people here that would make good discussion, then I could find more respond to and thereby make more money. coolcat how does this site qualify as scam? How much did you pay into it to earn money?
@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
21 Feb 11
Hey, we have to be careful and work with really good sites like mylot.
@tash01 (2031)
• Jamaica
17 Feb 11
I cant believe this i have been working so hard their to reach payout , i did have 4.35 and now i have 0.001 cent.I did not ask to be a vip that site was a big waste people time. why they never pay us the money that we dad in our account before they change ? am going to delete my profile their.
@brisk123 (2823)
• India
17 Feb 11
I am a member in but I was never active. I came to know that, Admin has reduced the minimum payout to $0.10 cents instead of $5 and my account balance also is set to zero. Wonder what they are upto!
• India
17 Feb 11
Aw great well i had left that site long back but was wondering whether i should take part in it again or not. Well you have just given me the best excuse to leave that site now. I was working in that site not knowing whether it's legit or not. What's the point being a vip now? Cheers!