Do you take revenge?

February 17, 2011 4:48pm CST
If i said that i don't take revenge then it will not be true. Sometime i feel to revenge. When some one insult me or hurt me and the person who is not special in my life or who is nothing in my life if they try to hurt me or insult me then i feel to take revenge. I think i did revenge but now a days i feel we should not do this.That's why i try to forgive people. What about you friend?Share your opinion!
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
9 May 11
We avenge that because we are strong or weak? Or, eventually, the desire to take revenge, even when there is nothing fair game, just about the pure pleasure of the competition? I wanted to get revenge myself, many times, and I took some steps that I could qualify as a talented revenge. But I never went to the end. I can take pride that we left on the battlefield too many enemies shot down. Instead, he was assisting many times in trials that were designed to cause me much suffering and, to be honest, I have suffered, sometimes, others serving terms that I have applied with or without right. I believe that good always wins, because the truth always comes to light, it is absurd that any retaliation will return boomerang poisoned, from where he went.
@rameshchow (5283)
• India
18 Feb 11
Yes, i can take revenge by following ways: I can forgive them first, I can try to wish them with flowers daily, because i love flowers very much, these are the symbol of piece and love and sensitiveness. I can make a good hospitality to grow our relationship. Because in the past they were my well wishers.
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
When I got hurt, revenge is the first thing that come up into my mind.In my mind, I want to do something that can hurt him/her.But after few days,my feeling of revenge will just fade away and I come to realize to just forgive that somebody who hurt me.I think time will heal when we got hurt.
• United States
17 Feb 11
I have got my revenge on a number of people in my life. I don't think I would want to do that kind of stuff these days. I am an older woman who is trying to live a good life.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
17 Feb 11
No I don't take revenge but sometimes when people hurt I do feel like it but I feel it better to just walk away...revenge may be sweet but it is better to walk away and live a happy life.
@dreamnishu (1253)
• China
17 Feb 11
hello friend! of course i can take a revenge because i am a human bing not so kind.but not a days i do not stop my self for not taking revenge if any one insult me i also try to insult him/her.before i was not like that but people do not like good people that is why have be like that.i like to forgive people but they do always wrong how many time i can stop my self. thanks a lot.