Many religion.. which one?

February 18, 2011 2:35am CST
There so many religion in this world.There are christian, islam, budda, hindu, sikh, taoism and many more. Which one do you believe? Or you not even believe in god.WHY? IF you have a religion, why do you take that religion as your life way? If you don't believe in any religion , why you don't believe in any religion. Can you give me your answer?
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@joe153 (9)
• United States
27 Mar 11
There are a lot of religions in this world, but not all of them can be right! They all say they have the answers, how to get to heaven, what you must do and so on. All but one is based on what you do, Christianity is based on what has already been done for you! Yes you! Read John The best part is you don't have to do anything except believe! You don't have to change, join, give anything! Just believe! I know many have a problems with Christianity because of some Christians, even Gandhi said he would become a Christian if it wasn't for Christians! I didn't just jump in either! One thing to remember, even though Christians need to keep a check on our behavor, we are still people and therefore, are not perfect! But we do serve a perfect Lord! But you still have to make the choice, and that has to be done by you! It's free will! Try this...pray about it! If nothing comes about it, no harm done!
@katie0 (5208)
• Japan
26 Feb 11
Always spiritual. Religions are there to make us better person and actually most of them are just making create groups and separate from each other so human become weak cause we are not united. Spiritual like Allan Kardec's unite people, teach us about reincarnation so we know that there are things in life that it's fair, that I'm going through this and that because I'm learning and I might have done the same bad thing to someone else
@Zer0Stats (1315)
• India
19 Feb 11
HUMANITY!!!Humans should behave with each other as human being!!!
• United States
18 Feb 11
I believe in myself. I believe in cultivating love, appreciation, and joyous creating for all of my life. Its what makes me feel truly good. I think we are all connected to a basic source energy that makes up the universe, and we all have the power to connect and flow with it to become our peaceful and loving selves.
@bokbok (56)
• Philippines
18 Feb 11
its not about the religion where you belong but its about your faith in your God and dealing with people with good deeds.
@kirtricks (652)
• India
18 Feb 11
asking others religion is not good anyway i believe in Christianity especially Christ because he is an historical person