DEATH Sentence: what is your stand?

February 20, 2011 3:22pm CST
Death sentence has been talked about again. Some countries use this as their capital punishment for heinous crimes, others only use life sentence. in your opinion, is death sentence humane? Do you think this would be the right thing to punish someone for breaking a law? for you, what would be those crimes that deserve a punishment of death?
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21 Feb 11
One should be responsible what they have done.
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21 Feb 11
be responsible for
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@livecenter (1137)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 11
I have always believed that greater good must be put before the lesser good...I am totally for this, as I believe every crime must pay and must be paid equally..Nevertheless, it must be done ONLY after the criminal is totally proven guilty...Criminals like serial killer, serial raper, and such should not be let alive, as they will most probably repeat their offense when they are spared from the decisive sentence...Although it is inhumane to take others live, but for the greater good of the community, the lesser good of individual must be put behind...
@asyria51 (2870)
• United States
21 Feb 11
some claim that having capital punishment is a deterrent from violent crimes, yet violent crimes keep occurring. How can we say that killing people is wrong, if the state turns around and kills people who kill people?
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
20 Feb 11
I am against it simply because I have no faith in the legal system, the way the law works, it is very easy for people to be framed, and so many people have been executed when in actual fact they were the fact I firmly believe there is a better place after this life and I believe we all go there so I hate the thought of doing them a favour of sending them to this beautiful place.