how can i make mire money on mylot?

United States
February 20, 2011 6:08pm CST
in what ways are there to make money on mylot?
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• Indonesia
22 Feb 11
Oh, I see now. Just commenting/responding to other topic/discussion or even start an own topic will also earn some ca$h from MyLot? Wow, that's great :D Thanks all for the brightening :)
@nemrac12 (388)
• Philippines
21 Feb 11
hi mylotter! just search for any topics you interested in, post your comments. or do a task? i mean create your own topic to be discuss.. the more topics you discuss and the more comments you post, more earnings of course. but its not an easy way of earning.. especially if you are a type of person who have short attention span to a discussion.
@m_5ugar (1013)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 11
Hello Mark912, you just have to post discussion and response to others discussion in order to get more money. I suggest you to post at least 4 or 5 topics a day. Happy mylotting!
@stevieboi19 (1429)
21 Feb 11
Read the guidelines and the FAQ's for the full guidance of how to make money on here. The best thing to do is to keep actively participating on the site posting new discussions whilst also commenting other discussions of interest but remember quality over quantity is something I find is best.
• Indonesia
21 Feb 11
May be by doing some available Tasks? I myself want to try it soon. Good luck for us :)