making joke to my girlfriend friends

February 21, 2011 5:37am CST
hello lotting member.. Today im try to chat with my GF friend. At same time, my GF know that im chat with her friend. Problem is, my GF friend said that im not have point to chat with her. Do not like my style which is happy-happy situation when chat with her. Its wrong to me chat with her? any problem :
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@stevieboi19 (1419)
21 Feb 11
There's no problems if your girlfriends friend doesn't see any point in talking to you then you shouldn't talk to her, it's not your job to please everyone in life. So if I were you I'd just ignore her.
21 Feb 11
Girls can be very strange. It seems like your girlfriend is very jealous and protective of you! I suggest you talk to her friends but try and refrain from any flirtacious comments which your girlfriend might not like. That why you don't seem rude but also don't upset your love.