I need a blogging topic to blog and earn simultaneously

@ritwick (190)
February 22, 2011 9:33am CST
I love technology and am a geek nevertheless. I would like to blog about something and also earn as i have a adsense account and can't decide on a blogging topic. I already earned from google adsense but some months ago blogger deleted my blog as it had ptc referrals links. So please suggest some of the good blogging topics that isn't that much popular but get good traffic. I know SEO. pLZ suggest good topics so i would love to blog. And also share your experiences of blogging and earning. Bye
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@amitavroy (4819)
• India
23 Feb 11
well the thing is to have content which is original and nice to read. there are so many blogs on the net and so you need to know what is different about your blog and you have to market it that way. for example, check out my blog and website http://onesnapeveryday.blogspot.com and http://www.amitavroy.com. The basic aim of my blog is to post one picture every day. And right now it has more than 380 images in total. So, this is my uniqueness, i post one snap every day and i see few people who check it out on a regular basis. so, i market it that way. And about the website, well it is just to showcase my photos...
• India
2 Mar 11
The topics that gets the most traffic now a days are lists(like top 10 browers) and tutorials (how to do things,Photoshop tutorials etc.) .You may also blog on latest gadgets like mobile phones.
@ada8may21 (2405)
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
If you want to blog then get the topic that you are most comfortable of writing and has a broader knowledge about the topic you are going to blog. If you are are a technology geek then why not start from there. Get your own interest in order for you to have a blog. No problem with the traffic coz if you are familiar with the SEO it would be easy for you to build your PR.
@katie0 (5204)
• Japan
24 Feb 11
Even a good topic that has more chance of making you money might not be good in a long way. If you know something and are passionate about it, that's what you should write about it doesn't matter what it is. People looove to hear a pro to talk about something.