There Was An Issue About Jesus Christ Who Went To Kashmir India

Marikina, Philippines
February 22, 2011 10:30am CST
There was an issue about Jesus Christ who went to Kashmir India. Is anyone of you heard about Jesus Christ went to Kashmir India and become buddhist and then, he came back to Jerusalem - I forgot. What do you think about this BBC Documentation on Is this a lie or it is true? For me, its very convincing. Sorry, I say this word. Maybe, I was more fascinated in the teaching of Buddha though Jesus Christ and Buddha both teach moral and values to each people, I was more interested about Buddhism... he he
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@owlwings (43996)
• Cambridge, England
22 Feb 11
There are some old traditions which say that Jesus did not die on the cross but travelled to the East after his "resurrection". Some of these traditions also say that he travelled with his family and that there are tombs of Joseph and Mary and also of Jesus himself in parts of the world north and east of Judea. I did not see the BBC documentary but my guess is that it tried to explore these traditions and some of the research that people have done in trying to find whether these traditions were true or not. It probably came to no real conclusions but left the viewer with many unanswered questions. There is also a very old tradition that says that Jesus travelled to Britain as a young man with his father, Joseph, or with relatives who were involved in the tin trade (in Jesus' time, there was a well established trade in tin between the Mediterranean and Britain). There is certainly nothing whatsoever written about Jesus' life between the time he was about eight and when he was baptised by John at the age of about 30.
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• India
2 Jun 12
If Jesus had been to india, then he that wud habe mentioned in the four gospels.
• Marikina, Philippines
13 Jun 12
...but it is not all written in the bible. Even the dinosaurs did not mention in the bible too.