Hobbies, Ways of living and earning from them.

@LordOzz (204)
February 22, 2011 7:37pm CST
What's your hobbies? Do you make used of them to earn financially? I once had a project for a MyLotter, I made her a couple of Buttons and Headers, banner for her site, for promoting her earning sites. Im using photoshop, and I guess I improved more, I hope that I can use my talent/hobby the earn money, because I would really love to see the fruit of my labor. Aside from creating something from photoshop and graphic designing I also love creating web-layouts, Remixing and Mashing up musics, Creating beats, Movie editing, playing guitar, Playing games, and I really love to Blog, I enjoy writing about something in random, I will try to post something here in myLot's blog section. I wish theres a way of earning money from them. gaining something from what you really enjoy is the best way of earning something.
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