Who Do You Think will win in a 1v1? mirana or raijin

February 22, 2011 9:35pm CST
hmm...for me i think it's mirana coz, if raijin gets hit by the two skills of mirana plus the starfall chance of hitting him twice im sure he'll be dead and mirana is dagon type. mirana also has advantage in laning.. but that's my calculation i dont know about you guys so response :)
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@r1buts (73)
• Indonesia
12 Apr 13
at level 1 is difficult to determine the winner, depending on how they play hero. but i think maybe wirana will win. because mirana got pretty good agility while raijin still slow at level 1.
@chiwasaki (4694)
• Philippines
30 Dec 12
I think Mirana have a better chance to win this game. This hero is an agility type and Raijin is an intelligent type. This means that Mirana may take the lead in the earlier part of the game of the its damage and attack speed.
• Bulgaria
27 Mar 11
Hi. Here if mirana can use arrow she can win,but if not raijin will win of course most import is last crees and get cash so with items any hero can kill other :D
@hwdphg (5)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 11
I think its how well they play those heroes and I'm pretty sure that mirana can own the raijin
@con909 (53)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
having no items such as vanguards and hood/pipe then i would certainly choose raijin and just use dagon..sucker punch that mirana with dagon and maledict.. @_@
• Philippines
8 Jan 12
you can't tell who is with the advantage because raijin is hard to kill especially if given a linken sphere. arrow of mirana will be useless. mirana can leap but has a cooldown for several seconds unlike raijin which has an SS with no cooldown but it depends on his mana though. well, i can't tell really who's gonna win because it depends on how they use the hero especially when last hitting and denying a creeps. and most likely , depending on the rules the players give in, .
• Malaysia
12 Mar 11
Mirana too. Cause Raijin's skill's sucks. But it also depends on the items and skills for both players