What will you do if someone's call you which is you didn't know them?

February 23, 2011 3:04pm CST
Yesterday, in the street, I noticed the girl who called me even if I didn't know her. I don't know ,but she is calling my name. I didn't ask her why she know me but sad to say, my husband is coming and he is hurry because he might be late in his work. So, I ignore her. How about you?
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@Jlyn10 (11969)
• Malaysia
24 Feb 11
It didn't happen to me before. But if someone were to call me on the streets, I may want to know who that person was. Maybe it was someone I know but just didn't recognize, so it is good to find out who that person is.
@sais06 (1284)
• Philippines
24 Feb 11
This situation I agree is possible as it happened also to me. There are actually people who knew us but we didn't knew them. Maybe someone mentioned us to them or heard something about us. The most experiences that I have is with a distant relative who happened to know me but I didn't get to know them. I just asked them if I have met them before and of course not in an offending manner.
@carmelanirel (20942)
• United States
23 Feb 11
Are you sure you didn't know her? Maybe a short introduction at a party or something? I mean, she knew your name, so maybe you didn't recognize her..
@maclanis (2330)
• Belgium
23 Feb 11
Hmm, I don't think this has ever happened to me... I guess I would say something back, and then say something like "Do we know eachother...?".