What does bieng a Juggalo/Juggalette mean to you?

Saudi Arabia
February 25, 2011 12:19am CST
i started to listen to icp not that long n just starting to learn bout the juggalo family
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@_sketch_ (5742)
• United States
25 Feb 11
"Family, unity, with diversity, and individuality so f*** popularity." ~Twiztid It's about freedom. Aren't all great things though? Being a Juggalo is about being true to yourself, regardless of what others think. It's about remembering what's important in life and not getting swept away by all the bull. It's about acceptance, love, family. There are Juggalos from all over the world, of all races, all sizes, all different kinds of backgrounds, all united by the music we love and the dream of a better world, the world that we make into a reality every day, because we live it. There are people who hate me just because I am a Juggalo. That sounds like a bad thing, but really, it just tells me which people I should avoid. The people that judge others based off petty things like that, well, I don't make it a point to associate with those types of people. Much love.
• Saudi Arabia
26 Feb 11
thank you for your respond lucky me i had these qualities before I became a juggalo although my background isn't full of hatred nor murdering i love ICP and all the psychopathic family.
@_sketch_ (5742)
• United States
28 Jul 11
Um.. Yeah, the vast majority of Juggalos have no hatred nor murdering in their background. Personally, I am a pacifist.
15 Dec 11
Being a real down to earth juggalo to me means that you represent ur family freinds homies and all those you care for in your life and you are not anything but family to are all your real friends that stick with you till the end.
• Bulgaria
25 Feb 11