Trust and promises

February 26, 2011 8:57am CST
Is there a link between trust and promises? If I tell you below sentence, what do you think? "People ask me why is it hard to trust someone, I replied back is it hard to keep promises?" For me, I don't see the link between promises and trust. This sentence came from a friend on facebook which she placed it on her status.
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• Canada
26 Feb 11
The link that I see between promises and trust is this -- if I don't trust someone, it means I can't put my belief or faith in what they say or do. So, if someone makes a promise to me but I don't trust them, their promise will mean nothing. For example, I've mentioned before on myLot that I have been in a relationship with a pathological liar. This man would lie about anything and everything, especially when confronted. It got to the point that I could not trust him anymore... so, if he told me "I promise!", I could never believe him. Too many times he promised me things (like the fact that he wouldn't lie to me anymore but he always, always did) and he never followed through on those promises. That erodes your trust in the person. So, yes, I believe there's a link between promises and trust.
• Singapore
1 Mar 11
Quite true
• United States
26 Feb 11
i trust everyone once i know their nature! i trust a thief will steal..i trust a liar will lie. i trust a lover will love, and i trust an honest person will be honest. in this way i am not worried about promises....because if a person is honest they say what they mean and they mean what they say. i have no need to promise nor swear...i will simply keep my thoughts, words and actions as one and the same thing. no one else has to be convinced if i am true or not...for i know i am. and even what is true can be twisted to look like a lie, and lies are most often twisted to appear true. as far as i see...usually when a person has to promise...they have something to hide, or are trying to convince them self of something. there are exceptions to this..but usually that is what it is