I lost an alertpay dispute and they gave a lame reason why i lost

@dierdre (2207)
February 27, 2011 5:31am CST
Have you tried filing for an Alertpay dispute and lost it? As for me, this is the first time i lost a dispute, my 3 disputes before, they favored me. They gave a very lame excuse that the difference of $9.53 between the amount sent ($17.68) and the amount received ($8.15) would make my account profit since i deposited $12.12 to cavapool.com an HYIP site, and the service was previously received since i got paid twice by cavapool. It really doesn't make any sense. They favored my $1 dispute before even if was already paid by this other HYIP site. Now they won't return a bigger amount that i was clearly robbed of? Oh well. Lesson learned. I used to have full trust in AP to make a fair decision. Now not anymore. I think i'm gonna lie low now in investing in HYIP's after this incident since i don't wanna use LR in investing, it's more risky. How about you? Did you have the same experience? What lame reason did AP give you? Do you agree with me that it's such a lame reason to refuse a refund?
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